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Monday, March 8, 2010

The Benefits of Wireless Internet Access in a Handheld Device

Handheld devices with wireless Internet access have become very popular for business travelers. Cell phones, and WiFi enabled personal digital assistants (PDAs) make it easy to surf the Web and check email while you're away from your office. The rapid growth of WiFi hotspots and wireless internet access at hotels, airports and coffee shops is making it easier to be connected to the Internet.

Internet enabled handheld devices have seven advantages over Laptop PCs:

Lighter than a laptop - Your laptop is portable, but it can't go everywhere with you. The typical laptop weighs almost 10 pounds with their protective carrying case. Handheld devices fit in your pocket and are convenient because they can provide quick and discreet Internet access.

Email everywhere and anywhere - With wireless web access you can stay connected to your office whether you're stuck at the airport or away on a week long business trip. Some portable devices even have always-on Internet access, which saves you the time and trouble of establishing a connection. Being able to unobtrusively check your email will also let you take urgent messages without disrupting meetings with phone calls.

No more Cords - A wireless Internet connection means no phone lines, extra cords or external modems to lug around. Except for a charger cord, the handheld device is very simple to pack. Laptop computers become a headache when you start to add cables, power supply unit and a mouse.

Longer battery life - A typical laptop computer battery lasts only two to three hours. Some PDAs can run for several days on a single charge.

Day Timer calendar function - Most handheld devices have Pocket Outlook or Calendar functions. Thus it is very easy to synchronize your laptop Outlook to your handheld device. Having immediate access to this sort of information can be useful in planning your day and appointments on the road. Wireless access to the web allows you to make flight changes and get schedule information easily.

Less does more - Some handheld devices, such as cellular phones with built-in PDAs, perform a variety of functions. One device that makes phone calls, keeps your appointments, lets you write documents, and play games and even provides Internet access will save you money and a trip to the chiropractor.

Productivity during standby time - Most devices have Windows Mobile software. Pocket versions of Microsoft Office allow you to create, edit and read word documents. Why not update your sales forecast in excel while waiting for your flight to arrive. You can even present power point documents to a LCD projector. The wide variety of software will allow you to make the best use of your time.

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