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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

4+1 Excellent iPad apps for Presentations

4+1 Excellent iPad apps for Presentations

In the business world, meetings and presentations is what marketing and sales professionals do all the time. However, lugging around 50 lbs. of equipment is very tiring and yes there is a better way. What you need is an Apple iPad and a 3M pocket projector or a small lightweight Panasonic LCD D projector.
So all a busy professional needs is a simple app that allows the creation and transmission of PowerPoint’s and PDF presentations to an audience.
Here are several apps that I am using and have found to be very useful in my day to day activities.
Power Presenter
This app allows the display of a PowerPoint that s been converted to a PDF file. What’s cool about it is that you can mark on the slides with a pen or eraser, email the slides to your audience, or use the whiteboard function. Really $1.99 for an app that can help put a $1000 commission check in your pocket? Gotta love the world we live in today
2Screens Presentation Expert
This app like many others allows presenting, web browsing and whiteboard capabilities. What makes it unique is if you have an iPhone then you can use the 2Screens remote app to use your phone as a remote control. I am a RIM smartphone user so this isn’t of interest to me but my wife’s eyes lit “Hey can you get that for me?”
Sadun’s Whiteboard
Sadun is my new friend and he has a simple whiteboard app that allows different pens and colours to be drawn and projected onto a TV or projection screen. I love how he has the ability to add Text or photos into the slides and the useful undo and erase. Yes you can save and email to clients. The $2.99 is less than a Latte at Starbucks, have the latte anyways Starbucks needs the money to give you free Wi-Fi, just don’t buy a cookie.
I am blessed with 3 wonderful teenagers and they all have varying degrees of “visualness” in their genes. This gives the gift of being able to instantly visualize an idea and take it action. They all have asked for Cork Boards in their bedrooms. Corkulous is a powerful app that gives you an electronic corkboard where you can place photos, post notes, to do lists and info bits. It is really an idea board and the coolness is it can be emailed. Bring your lunch from home one day and save the $5 Subway Sandwich and get this app instead.
This app allows you to take notes and make drawings with your finger pen but I find a capacitive pen to be better. Take your notes and email them to a file. Save paper and save the planet but its going cost you $1.99
Presentation Clock
I may have to do a presentation in front of 3000 people. Sure its scary but I am worried about running out of time. Ever present 46 slides in 20 minutes? Boom Boom Boom your dead. The 7 slide rule is the king of all presentations. This app has a simple countdown timer that keeps you in check. If Moses Znaimer can drop $10k on a timer for his super wonderful IdeaCity conferences, I can be super simple and spend less than a New York Times Thursday newspaper (Hint it’s the food issue).
So for the busy executive or professional business person, you just spent over $700 bucks for a tablet and now you need to prove that is really useful and not just being used as a super 10” iPod for listening to the Best of Yes on the train into work.
Cheers…………… but don’t forget the $50 HDMI cable

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