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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Carrefour Planet is the new Hypermarket store

Carrefour Planet is the new Hypermarket store

The French have a new store format called the Hypermarket. They have made the aisles wider, softened the lighting and set up 9 zones of shopping experience. The market zone offers fresh food in a marketplace atmosphere with a focus on the customer experience with sampling and cooking lessons.

The organic zone offers organic brands and their own private bio brand. The frozen food zone offers well you get it – frozen foods.

The beauty zone offers beauty brands and products and a virtual make up consultation and haircut area.

The fashion zone offers clothing with a free alteration service.

The baby zone has all the baby needs and diapers by the bag full. The busy mom will get extra service with a separate check-out area.

The home zone includes storage and home products.

The media zone offers mobile phones, electronics and entertainment media.

Finally the seasonal zone offers an ever changing promo area for products arranged around the 7 different seasons and buying themes.

Again IP technology is a key spend in the in-store technology with digital signage, kiosks and demo centers. No wonder the recent hires to run the large Canadian retailers are coming from Europe.

Carrefour Planet brings innovative design thinking in changing the way consumers interact with their retail customer experience.

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