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Monday, February 27, 2012

RIM Playbook is now a better Tablet

RIM Playbook is now a better Tablet

RIM worked hard to get the new software release out and PlayBook 2.0 is now a big step forward.
The free software update fixes the complaints and the new software has a better look and feel. The $199 price point for a 16GB tablet is tough to beat

Great Stuff:

  • Watching HD video on the Playbook is excellent. The 7 inch screen is perfect for the Airplane
  • Multi-Tasking is still fantastic - stream HD video to your TV while BBMing your tribe
  • Web browser is better with Flash Video support
  • Speakers – Better sound quality than the iPad
  • Social Media Accounts Tab – adds your LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook account info in your apps. Gmail and video chat integration is also included.
  • File Manager – This was a problem but is vastly improved with tap and hold and drag and drop
  • Bridge – They added some great features where you can use your Blackberry telephone to type into the Playbook and even open documents or control slides. This is killer for the business minded as you can walk into a presentation room, plug the Playbook into the projecter, boot up PowerPoint and use the phone to advance the slides. That’s slick. Sure Apple has it but many don’t know how to use it.
Needs Work:

The App store is still not that great  and Angry Birds, PC Recipe Box, Kobo, Evernote are on it but for the average business user the apps that come with it will serve them well.

RIM did a fantastic job getting the new update out, dropping the price and continue to do a lousy marketing job with this whole PlayBook 2.0 story.

Oh did I mention that this may be a better choice than a Kindle Fire?  Or even an iPad for the price savvy consumer. $200 is an excellent price point for this tablet and the build quality beats out the android 2.2 copies out there at the discount stores.

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  1. Yeah I gotta agree with you that the new 2.0 software update makes my Playbook so much better. Now that I pretty much can get wifi at any McDonalds or Starbucks I can get work done while in between customer calls. I love being able to text and BBM on a 7 inch screen and the size factor is not an issue for me. Do you not mean the PlayBook is a better tablet than a KOBO?


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