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Monday, December 10, 2012

Boost Your Sales by Telling a Compelling Story

Boost Your Sales by Telling a Compelling Story

Marketing is all about storytelling, but many fail as they lack an emotional connection with the audience.

When making a presentation to a customer make sure you include a compelling story that may be in how your solution solves their business problems.

I like to use the "Day in the Life" stories that allow my audience to completely understand how my solution can help their employees dramatically boost their productivity. You can find a similar story in your voice by taking the time to understand the customer’s business needs and how your solution will meet or exceed them.

Don't forget the last step in your presentation is a call to action or asking for the next step in the sales process.


If you sit in the customer seat during your presentation they may forget the slide content BUT they will remember any visuals or stories.

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