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Thursday, January 17, 2013

United Airlines is a Horrible Airline to fly with

After submitting my complaint on-line with no response in the past 96 hours I am posting this online.

Your airline created a travel nightmare for my family and I like I have never experienced in 40 years of flight travel.

I booked travel for a family trip in June 2012. Booking reference was XXXXXX and also purchased two tickets for my sons friends on ND49MC. It was a YYZ to ORD then a ORD to LAX, returning the LAX to ORD then ORD to YYZ

Later, You changed my travel plans to now have a flight change with a YYZ to IAD to LAX which increased my trip time by almost 2 hours.

When I arrived at the airport the eticket numbers were not in your system and I had to make frantic calls to the Aeroplan call center to provide your agents with the correct etickets since your new computer system couldn’t locate my travel schedule. I had no seats assigned as well. Thankfully, the agent got us on the YYZ to IAD flight ok but could not assign seats for 2 passengers due to the flight being overbooked. I had lounge access at the YYZ for all parties. I called your call center and they said that only the gate agent could do this. I had a 45 min layover and with arguing with your gate agent did not get seats assigned to my children until late in the boarding process (even though I had premiere access). You cannot imagine how stressful this was for my family.

When we arrived one of our luggage's did not make the flight. I had to return  8 hours later to retrieve it. Your baggage staff was on dinner and I had to get a gate agent to get a supervisor to let me get my bag. My son was extremely stressed out with his bag gone missing and was not able to use the swimming pool until he got his luggage.

Can you not offer an entertainment system that is behind the seat like every other major airline?

I sorted out with the gate agent at LAX to ensure my return tickets were allocated correctly with seats assigned.

I was also treated to such rudeness from the United Club agent as to only allow myself and one guest to enter. A supervisor eventually let us in so my kids could at least recharge their telephones and relax a bit. I found this very disappointing as the lounge offers crackers and cheese, cookies and soda pop. That’s not worth $50 entrance. The acceptance of Star Alliance Gold seems quite poor in fact and was very surprised about this.

I found the whole UA experience to be a very stressful and really disappointing travel experience. Of course, everyone says to go social media with the story but I prefer to complain  through your process first. The flight attendants were awesome and very friendly and the yyz and lax gate agents were very helpful but the IAD one was really not service friendly at all.

I flew over 75 flight segments last year on different airlines and never went through the stress I had to endure on this trip which also made it worse as it stressed my family out. They did not find the UA experience a happy one at all.

I checked with a friend and he too booked an Aeroplan flight with United Airlines to LAX and was shunted through Washington IAD and also had eticket issues.Seems a common problem for United.

The United Airlines computer upgrade has a lot of glitches that need to be fixed.

Canadians are super lucky to have Air Canada, Porter and WestJet as airlines that have all ranked tops in customer satisfaction, have new planes, and believe in customer service.

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