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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

BlackBerry Q10 2 Thumbs Up

BlackBerry Q10 2 Thumbs Up

The keyboard version of the Z10 is available on May 1 2013 in different markets. This is the traditional crackerberry that has a real keyboard that everyone has known and loved.

The keyboard is impressive and has eliminated the red, green phone buttons and the trackpad to add an additional keyboard row. The keys are also a bit bigger than in the past. This keyboard has a wonderful feel and the slightly wider width makes it very easy to knock out a longer email. The BB10 OS includes the predictive text feature and that is still available.
The screen is still a good size at being just over 3” and seems small placed beside an iPhone but then you do need to make room for the keyboard but after texting and BBMing and sending emails you tend to forget that the screen seems small. This is not the surf device for extended hours (get a tablet for that) of Googling up content but is a fantastic business tool for the exec on the go. The big box retailer Canadian Tire Corp has ordered 3000 of them for their management. This is a great demonstration of Canadians supporting Canadians.

The preorders on this model seems pretty good as many have waited for this version to migrate from their 3 year old devices coming off corporate and personal plans.
Eventually Canadians will enjoy the ability to buy a device without being locked in for 3 years.

I have heard the new Apple iPhone 6 will have a real keyboard!!! That could boost the stock back up to $700

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