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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

16 Powerful, Open-Ended Sales Questions Sales People Must Ask!

16 Powerful, Open-Ended Sales Questions

Successful salepeople ask the right questions and solve the customer's business problems.

As you ask any open-ended sales questions you need to ensure that you are genuine in solving the customers business problems.

Also, sometimes all you need is to ask one question and your customer will share with you all the information you need to help them. Other times you may need to ask a few questions. You don't want to make your prospect feel as if he is on the witness stand. Remember it’s all about uncovering problems and offering a solution to solve them.

If the buyer answers a question and you want them to expand further, ask them, “How so?” 

here are some examples to get that business conversation flowing:

1.      What's going on in your business? How have things changed? 

2.      It was good to hear the short version of your challenges at the meeting, but since we’re out for lunch, I’d love to get the long version. What’s your story?

3.      Why isn’t this particular technology/service/product/situation/issue working for you right now?

4.      Many of our clients are reporting problems with areas A, B, and C. How are these areas affecting you? What do you think about them 

5.      What's preventing you from reaching your revenue (or profit, or other) goals? 

6.      What goals and objectives do you have in general?

7.      (Assuming you set the meeting) As I mentioned earlier, I’d like to share with you a few ideas that have helped our clients succeed in the X,Y, and Z areas. Before we get going, by the time we’re done with this meeting, what else might you like to cover? What will make the meeting successful for you?

8.      If you could overcome these challenges, what would happen to your company's financial situation or increase the stock value?

9.      If you were to make this happen, what would it mean for you personally?

10.  How would implementing these changes affect your competitiveness in the market?

11.  If you don't solve (insert the particular challenge here), what kind of difficulties will you face going forward? What won’t happen that you want to happen?

12.  If you were to wave your magic wand and it’s 3 years from now, how will this all look different? 

13.  (In early sales discussions) You mentioned you’re not having a good experience with your current provider. If you work with us, what are you hoping will be different?

14.  (In later sales discussions) Given all we’ve talked about, what do you see as being different if we were to move forward together?

15.  What does success look like for you… your business…this project…the value we bring to the table?

16.  If there were no restrictions on you – money, effort, political issues and so on do not exist – what would you change?

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