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Thursday, April 24, 2014

The HP Call Center Experience was truly Awesome

I have been having issues with the HP printer cartridges and either the store is selling old ones or there is a quality control problem

After the 3rd defective cartridge I figure I should make a call to tech support

Call answered within 2 rings and agent was live in less than 15 seconds

Exchanged info and gathered the serial number info and was told its out of warranty , but not to worry I can still assist as it may be a ink cartridge issue.

After a couple of "please make a photocopy", "please print a page", shut it off and wait, unplug it and wait 30 seconds, "please print again". The tech support girl did a desktop log in and walked through the printer settings.

No issues and all seems well but the "incompatible cartridge error" has disappeared.

She offered to replace the cartridge and ship one out via UPS

She then flipped me to her supervisor who relayed all the details, confirmed my info, provided case and order numbers and how to track my ink cartridge journey on their website and finally asked "anything else we can assist you with today?, thanks for choosing HP"

An email popped up in my inbox with all the details

now what can i say about an awesome customer service experience...just awesome. Think back several years ago when HP service was horrible. They obviously listened to consumers and acted on improving the experience and now I am a victim to continuing to buy HP ink and help increase their stock price

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