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Friday, May 16, 2014

What does Sir Richard Branson rely on to create Success?

It was an Aha moment when I met Sir Richard, or actually heard him speak at a conference and how he had so many struggles in his life. At that time things were changing for Virgin and it didn't seem to look good. But he is still the Virgin Group billionaire and owns his own island in the British Virgin Islands, and he has had great success. The Virgin Group has over 300 companies and I think he bootstrapped many more and some worked and some failed miserably but in the end he is truly a leader that inspired his staff and was not the fearful Boss. I am a big note taker and read somewhere that he was as well and its these notes that i refer back to his keynote.

He has stated that he had much success and failure over the years and he distilled it to three principles


Live for something that will make a difference or an impact for your business, your customers and community. Focus Point #1


This is the fuel that drives you when you are tired, sad or disappointed. This passion gives you energy to move forward. Focus Point #2


It comes in dribs and drabs and cycles up and down and there are times where you think you are not performing where you actually are. Performance is not just revenue or profit driven but its the focus on what you are good at. Sir Richard did not just focus on short term profits but looked at the holistic long term viability of every business he created. Focus Point #3

When the three elements come together that can be great focus and its that synergy that brings greater success in an opportunity that will succeed or fail, but you gave it your best.

Who would ever think that people would be buying a Virgin branded water bottle or fly on one of his airlines.

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