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Monday, June 2, 2014

Road Warrior Travel Tips May 2014

OK here are a few more tips gleaned from recent travel adventures

How do you fight jet lag?

I try to match my sleep somewhat to my destination a few days before hand. When I get to my destination I wake up at the local time and try to get lots of sunshine as its this that resets your internal clock. Worked to help combat the 13 hour flip flop while on Japan.

Travel Essentials?

A single carry on and pack clothes that are easy to wash with some mild detergent if travelling longer than a few days. The new cotton like shirts that are made from high tech materials are a charm to wear and clean.


Data plans can be very expensive considering a Google map download is 1 MB so use map apps that allow you to download the map.  Also a small compass is invaluable in locating North. I was so frustrated in Akihabara that the map I was using was upside down, incorrect and even the locals could not figure it out how to get to my destination. If I knew where North was then it would have been simpler and faster to get to the location. I use several location specific or city guides and Google maps. If you can get to a free WiFi spot then Google maps is very handy with directions. The Tokyo subway map was handy but once you figure out the system its not really that useful and the paper based map is better.


Check before hand what access will be available. Starbucks are everywhere and some cities have municipal based access or sponsor driven access. Tokyo has free access for tourists but you need to get a passcard first. I was able to actually get one at a Tourist Info Center where English was spoken.

Large Plastic Zip Lock bags

Packing dirty clothes, a change of underwear for overnight flights, saving food doggie bags, and a impromptu trash bag. Tokyo has a lack of streetside garbage bins and citizens are encouraged to take their trash home, so when enjoying a banana you may have to bring that peel back to your hotel and the zip lock bag is your best friend.


Travel can mean long lines, delays, confusion and locals giving wrong directions.

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