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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Boss versus the Coach – A Comparison of Traits

The Boss versus the Coach – A Comparison of Traits

During our careers we have come across various managers that can be called a Boss or a Coach. Their behavior actually shapes our work day and behavior and can be the difference between success and failure for a team. In some cases Human Resources hires the wrong personality deeming a certain trait better than another but the reality is the best manager is the one that is not only respected by their employees but also manages to get the best performance from them. Coaches, on the other hand get out of the way and let the players play the game.

Some companies thrive on the extreme boss approach while others fail and for other companies the coaching style is what increases their shareholder value. I suggest you choose to be one or the other or a mixture of both and see what works best for your team.

The bigger question is who DO you want to work for and how DO you want to lead your team or peers?

The Boss
  • They TALK a lot
  • They TELL a lot
  • They FIX things
  • They PRESUME a lot
  • They always seek CONTROL
  • They love to ORDER people around
  • They work ON tasks and people
  • They put PRODUCT first
  • They always want REASONS for your actions
  • They assign BLAME to others
  • They keep DISTANT

The Coach

  • They LISTEN a lot
  • They ASK questions
  • They PREVENT problems
  • They EXPLORE new ideas
  • They seek COMMITMENT
  • They work WITH employees
  • They put PROCESS first
  • They seek RESULTS
  • They make CONTACT

I prefer the Coaching method because it actually works best from my observations and here are some thoughts:

1.      Awesome Coaches maintain control and get things done. They empower their team with time, resources and techniques, to solve big issues with big ideas instead of Band-Aids and checklists. They are proactive in their approach.

2.      Awesome Coaches foster a sense of community. Coaches  make sure they attract the right people to get on the train and then get them in the right seats. They also make sure that the wrong people never get on the train, or if they do, they get off at the next stop.

3.      Awesome Coaches invite creative thinking and know how to integrate creativity into daily conversation and procedures so that every employee feels natural about being creative.

4.      Awesome Coaches create an open environment for voicing concern and frustration where people are empowered to make change on their own to improve product, process, and procedures. They invite the expression of honest concerns by everyone involved to achieve the highest levels of team performance. This means that they are good listeners.

5.      Awesome Coaches encourage career development for their employees so personal growth is required and rewarded.

6.      Awesome Coaches run effective and efficient meetings and do not waste any time and resources.

7.      Awesome Coaches build trust so people feel safe. Successes are met with equal high praise and rewards, while failures are met with encouraging acceptance and learning the  next-step improvements.

8.      Awesome Coaches generate happiness in the workplace so they are inspired and excited to come to work and perform well every day.

9. Awesome Coaches make sure people are responsible for their roles and actions.

10. Awesome Coaches know how to praise and show gratitude. They help employees develop a strong sense of self-confidence and self-praise that outweighs any pat-on-the-back or award provided.

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