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Monday, March 7, 2011

We need more Free Wireless Access Points

We need more Free Wireless Access Points

Obviously with the proliferation of smart phones, iphones, iPads and android tablets…the users need places to use their new found devices.

Kudos to Starbucks understanding that if they offer free WiFi in their 770 coffee shops then users will flock there for coffee and free access. But where are all the others following suit? Want to drive traffic to the bricks and mortars then offer the wireless nomad a place to connect and they may spend money at your store while surfing away.

>>> Ok listen up retailers. It is so easy to put up guest access for WiFi in your store. If you don’t want to because of PCI or ignorance then I am sure a $59 DSL connection with a $29 D-Link router that’s in its own network and not connected to anything in the store would be perfect and new models offer some ability to do some blocking and websense type profiles.<<< Think like Starbucks..........

Thankfully, Vex Corp. is hoping to light up over 5000 locations and this is a good thing for the consumer as they want it for free and wont pay for it anymore.

Vex will be the integrator and use Cisco wireless access points and use an advertising model where the web access would have to see some advertising. This isn’t a big deal anymore as every website has some sort of advertising on it but if Vex plays their cards right it won’t be an annoyance but of value. Sitting near a Subway sandwich store checking on emails on the iPad and getting a click ad for a $1 off the next visit would be useful. Now if we can just print the darn thing easily then all will be good.

Let’s hope Vex gets the market share it deserves and other retailers catch on to the free Wi-Fi bandwagon.

In the meantime the smart retailers will do this on their own and ensure their customers spend more time in their stores or actually visit their store to shop and surf.

The day that I will be walking down an aisle in a store and a targeted pop up advert or coupon appears as I pass the product is here right now. Funny, I don’t see it any store I shop in?

John Leonardelli
Senior Unified Communications Consultant

I have no vested interest in these guys but appear to be the smartest knives in the drawer to give me the free access I deserve

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