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Monday, March 7, 2011

Why the iPad is perfect for Seniors to use and love!

Why the iPad is perfect for Seniors to use and love!

My father-in-law requires a lot of help with his HP Desktop. There is always a virus, dll error, missing files, etc to contend with. It gets pretty tiring after a while. I recommended to him that he just get an iPad and be done with it. I can take his desktop, load Linux on it and use it as a personal cloud-in-a-box. Yeehhhhhhh Cloud powered by HP and Unbuntu.

I think the iPad V2 will be the game changing post-pc device of 2011. I cannot believe how many creative things they have pulled off in such a short engineering timeframe. The iPad came out in April of 2010. Not to knock the copycats as Steve Jobs calls them, the other tablets are great as well but for a senior person the app store will be simple to use because of iTunes. I just want simplicity here.

So basically it will be simple to use, easy to maintain, apps are low cost and the tech support should be minimal and the 10 hour battery life cannot be beat. The other advantage is the mobility is awesome and he won’t be running upstairs when Skypes calling him. My father-in-law can call his brother in Italy from the comfort of his Lazy Boy chair.

Here are some ideas that will reinforce the iPad for the grey haired population:

Brain Games: There are lost of fun games and puzzles that can keep an elder’s mind active. It has been proven that brain games help anyone older than 55 keep their memory and brain circuits alive.

E-Mail Communication: An email account will be useful for them to stay in touch with family and friends. They too can enjoy the spam and Nigerian emails.

Video Communication: The built in cameras will make it easy for using Yahoo, Google or Skype apps with family and friends. No drivers for the webcam and they will always know it faces them when using it.

E-Reader: Use the apple reader app or choose Kobo and not only do they save money they also can load a ton of books to read. The retired investor will love the financial newspaper apps to keep track of stocks and look up financial information.

Voice Communication: The big guys all have voice apps now but I still think Skype is the leader and a brand everyone is aware of. Lots of expats from Europe, chat back home to family members using Skype.

Secure Banking: Banking apps are here and are easy to use and very secure.

Web TV: With Apple TV being the set top box of choice it will be too easy to view movies, photos and web screens on their TV. Now is a good time for them to dump the 26” Electrohome TV and go Plasma on the Wall. The bigger the better.

Calendar; The iPad is perfect as a calendar tool to keep track of birthdays, medical appointments and golf tee off times.

So the case can be made for an elder-iPad in your parents home, just don’t forget the wireless router. Cisco and D-Link have a great model that allows offers a guest access account. This is perfect for the grandchildren and their own children to surf the house when they show up with their smart phones, tablets and WiFi enabled devices. The only catch may be headphones for those that may have a assisted hearing device.

You could also trick them into selling them your dusty Netbooks and getting the iPad for yourself, but do you really want to spend all that time being the Tier 1,2, 3 and 4 Help Desk?

John Leonardelli
Senior Unified Communication Consultant

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