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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Defining Cloud

Defining Cloud

Cloud, Cloud, Cloud it is all about the cloud. Soon Starbucks will be in the Cloud as well (why not many use them to access the cloud with their Wi-Fi enabled Latte)

The heavy internet pundits such as Amazon, EBay, Google and even deliver computing services to multiple customers simultaneously through the internet. This is considered Cloud Computing.

But what is the Cloud?

Cloud is simply the delivery of IT services on a subscription basis that can be accessed from any Internet connection. (Wired or Wireless) that offers customers the benefits of economies of scale and shared infrastructure.

There are five key elements that define Cloud:

1. Offered ‘as a service’—and ready to use;
-This can be software such as or Google Maps (SaaS)
-This can be platform as a service such as Google Apps or Microsoft’s Azure (PaaS)
-This can be Infrastructure as a service such as Storage Services (IaaS)

2. Rapidly scalable—available on demand, with the ability to add or remove resources as required;

-Turn up additional services easily without disruption

3. Shared—multiple customers sharing the same resources and underlying infrastructure;

Economies of scale in using services and not having to worry about technology outlay or resource management

4. Pay-per-use—a metered service that can be provided through different pricing plans;

Monthly subscriptions to services

5. Web-enabled—provided using Internet-based technologies

Ability to access services through browsers as opposed to thick or thin clients

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