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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Location Based Technologies are a Game Changer

Location Based Technologies are a Game Changer

May Smartphone’s and mobile devices (tablets and Netbooks) have built in location based technologies (GPS). This allows the application to know where you are and share that information with other users or local businesses. Look up local restaurants and post reviews after eating or get coupon deals while looking for a place to eat. What is still unexplored may be the gaming application that uses the location information in an interactive way. Regardless, many users use the application to see what their friends in the area are doing and keep in touch that way. Hmmmm looks like Tony is at Thai Magic and Robert is at Wing Machine……OH and that’s interesting my ex-girlfriend is at Wing Machine as well.

Here are a few apps that use location based technologies:

Yelp and Urbanspoon helps you figure out where to eat and review restaurants.

Loopt allows you to see which friends are around you

BrightKite can also manage photos and status updates

Gowalla is a location based travel game that rewards users for visiting different locations

AroundMe helps you find a variety of services, stores, and restaurants near you

Foursquare combines the community features of a good location based social network, with the competitive features of a scavenger hunt

Moximity is a location based app that allows you to connect with friends in your vicinity, and see where they are at the moment.

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