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Monday, November 26, 2012

BlackBerry 10 Looks Good!

Shareholders and BlackBerry fans await the new release of BB10 due out in January 30, 2013.

For government and business organizations the BlackBerry is still considered a valuable tool due to the security of the communications channels. The BlackBerry is still far superior in offering secure channels for sensitive conversations.

By far the biggest advantage of the BB is its keyboard. You can always tell when you get an email from an iPhone as its full of errors and autotype misspellings. In fact I have this warning in my email tag line. This is not so with the BB and many can type with two thumbs, unlike the touchscreen keyboards making this difficult.

BB10 will include better integration between the laptop, Playbook or smartphone allowing seamless integration among devices regardless if you are at work or at home.

The other improvement made is supporting the BYOD movement (Bring Your Own Device) which gives the smartphone a dual personality. The OS will have separate partitions for work and personal. Users and IT managers have been asking for this feature.

Expect the first release is to have a software based keyboard with improvements garnered from looking at the iPhone and Android devices with a keyboard based smartphone later in 2013.

Business users will rejoice as they migrate their current Blackberry smartphone they have known and loved to the new BB10 system and make the best use of old and new technologies.

One feature I really found to be very compelling is the concept of tiles. The tiles like on the Playbook sit in the background and are live. This means that the apps do not need to be closed or reopened with the programs running and processing in the background. This is multi-tasking at its best. This will mean that you can watch a high definition movie while checking emails and surfing the web at the same time. No Home button with a single application running on the iPad.

Another neat feature is the Blackberry Hub that puts all of the emails and BBM into a single location.

I would expect that we would have better Outlook integration and possibly leveraging RIM’s data compression technology.

Good things coming   finally from RIM and the stock price is showing some excitement in the market place.

RIM plans to be a solid 3rd choice for consumers and BB10 may just be the platform to do that.

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