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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Microsoft Surface Tablet Quick Look June 18, 2012

With the assumption that Apple owns the Tablet arena being correct based on market share but incorrect based on price (RIM has the PlayBook at $200 being an awesome Tablet for most users); MSFT has a new device to play with.
  1. Microsoft is arriving late to the game but here is a list of some interesting and innovative features:
  2. ·         No pricing or release date available as of the June 18 21012 announcement
  3. ·         Copycat magnetic cover BUT includes a built in keyboard
  4. ·         Built in Kickstand to prop the tablet up
  5. ·         Digital Ink with the ability to mark up documents with a virtual pen
  6. ·         Windows RT OS for tablets OR Windows 8 PRO for using traditional desktop applications like Microsoft Office Suite
It looks like Microsoft is looking to extend the Windows 8 experience to the tablet user and could be an interesting device for the super happy Windows PC user looking to have a device within the Microsoft ecosystem (Xbox included).

I would expect the release date to line up with the Christmas season.

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