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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Mobile Technology 1G to 5G

Mobile Technology 1G to 5G

1G - First Generation
Analog mobile communication networks deployed in the late 1980s, based on closed circuit connections between two voice callers. AMPS was one technology. Remember the Radio Shack killer telephone?

2G – Second Generation
Allowed multiple parties to use the same frequency at once. The popular standards deployed in the 1990s was GSM and CDMA. This was the start of mobile data transmission. Rember the Motorola Bag Phone? I still have mine

3G – Third Generation
Increased speed and capacity of networks made data transmissions easier and smartphone use more common. CDMA and GSM added new variants to the technology but it also was the start of EDGe and HSPA. I guess Jobs created the WOW! unboxing moment with this one

4G- Fourth Generation
Much greater speeds and increased data throughputs. WiMax and LTE technologies being the popular standards. Samsung steals the show and Motorola becomes Google.

5G – Fifth Generation
It looks like it is shaping to be a hybrid of technologies and support for any device, anywhere and any protocol. By the time it becomes installed the world of the tablet, wristwatch and smartphone device could be very different. Google has a head start!


  1. The 1G and 2G phones were perfect to have if you were being robbed.

    You could either call 911 or hit the robber with it.

    Either way would be safe in the end.

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