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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Palm Pre stole the 2009 CES Show

At the 2009 CES show, Palm introduced the Pre mobile phone. It was very slick and offered the touch screen technology and a built in keyboard.

You could swipe and drag your fingers across the screen and pop apps open and ran on the clever webOS software platform.

Apple was scared and quickly got legal involved as it seemed to be a iPhone copy. RIM wasn't too worried as they had a lot of market share.

palm as a  company screws up the marketing and sales of the device and struggles.

In the fall of 2009 , Motorola released the Droid and Palm had the wind sucked right out of its sails.

HP buys Palm in Spring 2010 and the product languishes as they try to figure out what do with it before deciding it was a mistake and writes off the acquisition at a loss.

Too bad, everyone had a Palm Pilot in the good old days and the progression to Treo then to Pre is interesting.

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