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Monday, August 12, 2013

Genius Pack Intelligent Travel Backpack Review

Genius Pack Intelligent Travel Backpack Review

I like to be organized when I travel on business but I also like to be organized when I travel within the city and one problem that I was always trying to find some sort of solution for was a backpack. It had to be lightweight and allow me to be organized and quickly find anything I needed.

I came across across a company called Genius Pack (www.genius and what they make is a whole range of different products for the traveller.  The product design team is very clever in what they created for being organized when traveling.

What caught my eye was the Intelligent Travel Backpack and this is for very extreme organization as it has lots of pockets and some innovative features.

One feature I found really interesting about the Intelligent Travel Backpack is there's lots of dedicated pockets. Most of the other backpacks I have don’t seem to have many pockets beyond the usual pen flap pocket.

Pockets, Pockets and more Pockets

On the outside we have great features with padded shoulder straps, outer mesh side pocket for a water bottle, and outside zippered pocket with a clip that you can put your keys on that gives you quick access.

There is another pocket in the front perfect for putting in your wallet or a Kindle e-reader in. Another front zippered pocket there is a pen pocket, one for your business cards,  a pocket for the Genius Pack Portable Mobile Charger and a pocket for your smartphone device. There is still room for some other things in there.

The Portable Mobile Charger has 12 hours of battery life and comes with 6 micro clips to fit different devices for charging.

Inside the bag in the main compartment, you have a padded laptop sleeve (with a safety strap) which can also fit my iPad in at the same time, mesh pockets for the laptop accessories and  cables and  a dedicated pocket for the micro umbrella. The micro travel umbrella from Genius Pack is a compact six-inch umbrella that slips into a dedicated pocket. It is the ideal size for a traveler that may encounter rain while they are out and about. I cannot say how often this was handy for me when it rained without having to carry a large umbrella around. There is dedicated eye glass pocket that is lined with fuzzy fabric preventing scratches. There is still ample room for books or file folders. Another device they make is a Loud Sound mini speaker that connects to your device to play back music. Yes, there is a dedicated pocket for that as well and it has a bass expander feature that provides a fuller rich sound.

The Intelligent Travel Backpack is extremely functional and is an ideal backpack for those that seem to travel with more than just a laptop and want to be organized.

Pricing is around $70 without the accessories

Dimensions: 12" x 4" x 16.5" (in.)

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