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Thursday, August 1, 2013

The problem with in a internet world

The problem with in a internet world

Retailers in this day and age still just don't get it when it comes to providing awesome customer service.

I am in search of buying something and the web site has no stock levels indicated and its outside of business hours so one hits the contact button and sends a quick email. It is a normal expectation to get an auto-sender saying that they have have acknowledged your email but its not a normal expectation to have to wait days. I have rarely gotten a response in the stated time-frame and 80% of the time I get no response.

The response is:

Thank you for your inquiry and interest in our company. 

We will process  your inquiry and will respond within two business days.

Kind regards,

The Stupid Company Team

Here is another one after 5 days waiting from another bricks and online retailer:

Hello John,

Your fastest solution will be to head in to our Toronto shop.  They have over 100 units available.  I can certainly request a transfer for you, but I have been waiting almost 20 days now for the last 3 I requested.

Thank You

Mr. Retail Sales Consultant



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