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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Canadian Small Business must embrace the Cloud in order to Survive

Canadian Small Business must embrace the Cloud in order to Survive

Recent research continues to demonstrate that canadian small business (and mid market) continue to lag behind their peers in innovation and technology.

  • About half of canadian businesses have a website
  • Less than 25% use a form of cloud services
This prevents canadian small business to grow and prosper while lowering their costs because they are not embracing the new technologies.

Lack of growth in the small business sector means lack of growth in jobs for Canada. lack of growth in jobs means our youth continue to suffer high unemployment rates which is as high as 15%. Compare that to the national overall unemployment rate of 6.8%.

Small business that has become a digital or technology leader will continue to outperform their analog peers and competitors year over year. For many businesses its allowed them to survive the disruptive ways of the internet.

There are 3 simple things any small business can do

  1. Add or improve your web presence with a website or better content
  2. Improve or add social media elements to your marketing strategy
  3. Adopt the use of cloud services and mobile devices
Its not difficult and its not expensive to transform your analog business to a digital one


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