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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Tech Generation Gap

As seen in the New York Times Sunday June 21, 2015

I dunno but we boomers have it over the millennials. I had an Atari, I had a Commodore PET, I had an Apple and yeah I had the 2 line Blackberry

1948 The first LP Record
1954 The First transistor radio and Colour TV
1963 The first cassette tape player
1972 The first scientific pocket calculator  (its an HP)
1975 The first consumer VCR
1979 The Sony walkman
1982 The first consumer CD player
1984 The first cellular telephone and Apple macintosh
1994 The first web browser ( its Netscape)
1998 The BlackBerry with email
2001 The Apple iPod
2004 Facebook
2007 Amazon Kindle and the Apple iPhone
2010 The iPad from Apple

I took a quick look and I have all of these devices in my home today including the Palm Pilot

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