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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Cable and Telephone Bundles Cost Savings - Cord-shavers et all

Guess what?

Millenials dont bother with cable or telephony as the older crowd understands it.

You are 22 years old and moving into a condo you are renting or just bought

You will get Internet but thats about it

Your cellphone is your telephone and your TV is your PC or Hulu box

You may use the wall screen TV and hang a rabbit ear off it to get local news on free to air TV (wait isn't that what we got with a TV antenna back in 1969?)

These consumers are the "cord-nevers" who have never paid for cable TV and never will

The "cord-cutters" are those looking to cancel their existing cable TV or Pay TV  service and are installing antennas on their roofs for HDTV. They are also dumping the $20/month movie channel bundle and using Netflix for $8/month. These people are called "cord-shavers"

I like the fact my cable based telephone service has reliable 911 service, I watch TV mostly in real-time but make a lot of use for the PVR to time shift and I "shaved" my bill by not paying for extra channel bundles when I get a better customer experience on Netflix.

Which one are you?

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