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Friday, December 23, 2011

The Otter Box Reflex iPad Case Review

I have been using Otter Box products for quite some time but have only used their traditional Otter Box 1000 boxes to protect photographic, electronic and radio equipment.

Having many other types of devices I searched for products that would protect my iPad or iPhone and took a spin over to, and bingo they had tons of stuff of interest to me.

Since I use my iPad a lot for business, photography or Ham radio uses, I find myself I need to protect my expensive iPad from harm.

I have been using the Otter Box Reflex case and so far its been a real life saver or should I say money saver.

The rear case slips on very easily and has some slight padding but what makes it unique is that it uses air cushioning effects to protect the device. I dropped the unit and it landed on its corner and the iPad was not damaged in any way. Otter Box designers call these Reflex Zones. Trust me they work.

The rear slips off easily so I can slide it into my Xtreme Mac charging stand or If I am using a different case if I am doing something else like maybe needing waterproof case.

Also included is a easy snap on and snap off screen protector shield that also doubles as a stand. I can easily take the shield off and use it as a stand watching movies on the airplane doing business travel. The angle is perfect even when the rude passenger in front of me reclines their seat back as soon as the plane takes off.

As usual the Otter Box products have legendary build quality

I loved the Reflex case for the iPad so much I got one for my wifes iPhone. Addition: i almost forgot but the creative design engineers also found a way to enhance the sound quality of the speaker. They have molded a section behind the speaker with a channel that improves the sound with a horn effect if you will.

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