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Friday, December 23, 2011

Secure your iPad with Otter Box "The Latch"

I have been using Otter Box products for quite some time but have only used their traditional Otter Box 1000 boxes to protect photographic, electronic and radio equipment.

Having many other types of devices I searched for products that would protect my iPad or iPhone and took a spin over to, and bingo they had tons of stuff of interest to me.

Since I use my iPad a lot for business, photography or Ham radio uses, I find myself I need to secure my expensive tablet in ways maybe others may not.

The Latch is a multipurpose accessory that does so many things and can be used with the various Otter Box cases like the Defender, the Commuter or the Reflex.

The latch comes with a hand strap, a lanyard, a shoulder strap, a head rest attachment, leg strap and an angled stand. It all fits into a small carry case. It also includes some carabiners for attachment to the unit.

This versatile accessory does so many things .

Below are examples in how I use it is as follows:

The hand strap allows me to securely hold the unit.

The lanyard allows me to hang my iPad off my neck and have the unit in front of me.

The Shoulder strap allows me to carry my unit off my shoulder.

The head rest allows unit to be attached to a car headrest so that videos can be watched at eye level quite easily. This is a clever accessory. I even used this on an airplane to watch iTunes rentals.

The leg strap allows you to secure the iPad to your leg. I haven’t really used this.

The angled stand is also handy to use the iPad on a table and the angle allows the glare off lights to be reduced and easier to view.

There is a 4 point screen cover that is the core unit that all straps and cords attach to.

This has been an excellent accessory to have in my kit bag and has been very useful.

Check out the website for more information and videos of its use

List Price is $50

BTW, My employer has an excellent application that allows the iPad to be voice enabled using wifi and can be used as a business grade IP telephone.I am seeing industrial and medical users adopting the iPad in these environments and the Otter Box Latch is perfect for these uses. Highly Recommended

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