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Thursday, October 10, 2013

M2M WaveGuide Events – Opportunities in a Connected World

Thanks to Helene Joncas for this multi-city cross Canada event and Izabella for the awesome location at University of Toronto's Hart House

I will share some of my notes from this educational conference sponsored by Sierra Wireless, Rogers and T-Mobile

Wavefront's mission is to be the center of excellence for wireless in Canada and they are doing a fantastic job

Machine to machine or M2M is the next big opportunity as we migrate to the Internet of things

The amazon kindle really changed how devices started using the cellular networks beyond voice. Loading up on books on a beach through a 3G network was a new idea. The iPhone changed how consumers used apps and data.

There is a huge market for devices communicating with each other that will use 3G/4G networks to access the internet.

Rogers is the leader on M2M as a connected network provider from SIM cards, device management, and manged service offerings. A basic M2M account starts at $16 a month. They manage things like the Best Buy kiosks, Coca Cola Freestyle pop machines and of course parking meters. They are busy with the Retail Connected Store offering couponing and data analytics. Expect the competition to follow their footsteps.

Sierra Wireless as a great Canadian technology company is the leader with #1 market share in M2M technology. Their Airlink gateways, Airlink modules and Air manager software portfolio will satisfy and M2M project requirements. You can find them in the Chrysler cars and Cisco Routers for example. The automotive market is the biggest area right now with telematics a close second.

T-Mobile or  global giant Deutsche Telekom are global leaders with over 10 million connections worldwide.They are also the biggest systems integrator for M2M in the automotive market.

There is a lot happening in M2M today and it will be a platform of innovation activity for the next ten years. for more info

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