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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

BlackBerry Device vs Share Price History

A comparison of device versus share price

957            April 2000           $21.32
7200          October 2003      $8.71
8700          November 2005   $25.33
Pearl          September 2006   $31.15
Curve         May 2007            $51.00
Bold           May 2008            $142.25
Storm         November 2008   $49.15
Torch         August 2010         $56.77
Playbook   April 2011             $51.96
Z10           January 2013          $13.01
Q10           May 2013             $15.89
Q5             May 2013             $15.53

Today $8

Biggest mistake was to not release the Q10 before the Z10. Every crackberry fan really loved the keyboard, BBM and the data compression schemes (OK security as well). When the Q10 came out it was no different than everything else and what people really wanted was the Q10. If the Q10 came out first then many would have switched from their Bold to the new model and the number of returns would have been less for the Z10.

This is for the 40-55 year old demographic, the under 25 set dumped their BlackBerrys 3 years ago and replaced BBM with Twitter and SMS

So now it will be apparent that no one will release a keyboard based smartphone except for Cricket who will make one for seniors with a larger than normal keyboard.

written on my iPhone 4 iOS6
please excuse any mstakes as it does not have a kyboard

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