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Monday, October 14, 2013

The joys of a Ravine and how they benefit our lives!

The joys of a Ravine and how they benefit our lives!

Ravines are beautiful and part of our watershed and they offer unique benefits to our lives.

1)      Natural Air Conditioning – All that cement and buildings in our inner cities are always hotter than the outlying green spaces.

2)      HEPA Filter – The green forests in our ravines convert Carbon dioxide into clean oxygen while filtering out other pollutants.

3)      Flood Control – Our ravines are the flood control systems of nature. Erosion control, deep rooted trees, and natural water filtration help control flash floods and torrential rains.

4)      Climate Change – Ravines convert carbon dioxide into oxygen and provide a colling effect with shade.
5)      Therapy – Ravines are full of negative ions that reduce stress and tension. The sound of a babbling brook also has a calming effect on ones soul.

6)      Fitness center – Walking, and jogging and cycling through a ravine is a fresher approach to a treadmill or stationary bicycle.

Ravines are a natural part of our city and need to be preserved and included in new sub division projects in suburbia. Many urban planners are taking these considerations into account as they expand , modify and create new cities.

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