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Friday, December 5, 2014

5 Secret Sales Tips for Retailer CSR Staff

5 Secret Sales Tips for Retailer CSR Staff

The world of retail is changing at a fast pace and to remain competitive it is important that retailers “connect” with their customers. Here are 5 simple ways to become more engaging:
1.       Make an Emotional Connection – Consumers want to feel emotionally connected and engaged with brands. If they feel that connection then they become more loyal and spend more with that brand. It is all about building a trusting relationship

2.       Earning Trust – Consumers are a finicky bunch and are ready to shift spending with just a click. In order to build trust you need to be authentic, honest and transparent
3.       Increase and use live face time – Customers want to feel comfortable shopping and more so in-store. Ensure CSR staff are engaging with consumers and that the shopping environment is conducive to a special shopping experience. Special can be small things or a luxurious climate. This can also be done by using video communications in the contact center.

4.       Respect – Always be respectful of customer’s time as today people have become more impatient. Simplify the shopping experience on your website and improve the experience in the store. It is easy to abandon a buggy of goods when arriving to a fast checkout line that has 23 people in line and the other queues are just as jammed. Too many complicated web screens and lack of shipping costs information is another way to increase the abandon cart rate.

5.       Multi-Channel Experience – Smartphones and mobile data plans makes it easy to shop around. Many consumers already have basic information on their purchases and can “showroom” quickly. They can call the contact center while in-store but will not tolerate a 20 minute wait time. Many consumers will take the web experience and email the customer service staff for further information or to understand shipping costs. Many retailers respond to emails several days later which by then is too late.

Retailers need to get back to basics and focus on improving the experience and fixing the little things that are easy to do and can improve the bottom line dramatically.

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