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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

9 Quick Internet Marketing Tips for SMB

9 Quick Internet Marketing Tips for SMB

After delivering a social media workshop to a local business community, I was asked at the end of it. ”what is my take away? Anything to get me started?” sure and here you are.

What is Your Goal?
When developing your website you need to develop a set of goals. Think of whom your audience is, the target, demographics, and its functions. Are you selling products? Generating sales leads? Providing information? Have a professional quality brochure and information sheets that can be downloaded.

Content Evaluation
Content is King and so much so in social networks. It is imperative to know what information your customers and clients are looking for. Provide that content and they will be able to understand that your company has expertise in that subject matter.

Big Data is popular right now and Google Analytics offers a ton of useful information. It’s Free. It will provide reports on how your site is doing, what pages get traffic, and how long users spend on your site. You can also track the device they are using and location information.

Local Business Directories
There are various free local business directories that can help you gain more web traffic. Use them.

Competition Spying
What are your competitors up to and also do keyword ranking searches to see what your potential keywords get ranked and where they go to.

Keywords are key in SEO so use the Keyword tools offered by Google. Look at the different search results and think of more exact keywords that can drive a better search result. Pizza is too broad but Tandoori Pizza is more exacting.

Be diligent in checking your website for accuracy, errors and look and feel. Also I strongly recommend a mobile version as 50% of internet users are mobile. Ensure you have a sharp and clean looking site.

Blogging allows your organization to become a thought leader and start to engage customers in dialogue. It also adds valuable search engine optimization benefits as well.

Video use is surging so ensure you have high quality video segments that show the world what it is you do. Also populate these on your Facebook and YouTube accounts in order to increase brand awareness.

These are some quick tips to get you set up and thinking on how to better make use of the internet for marketing. Several ethnic vendors have also created additional mirrored site with their specific language choices. It is important to set time aside every week to spend a few hours in creating content, refining keywords and reviewing analytic reports to improve upon. This stuff works but it works a lot better with constant efforts.

Good Luck!

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