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Friday, December 19, 2014

BBM Meetings Mini Review

BBM Meetings is a fantastic business collaboration app and it is more than just video calling. It is less expensive than the traditional desktop versions like Webex or GoToMeeting, however it is built for mobile.

The frustration many users have with the desktop versions on the mobile device is the logging and pin code management. It’s a struggle to get logging in sometimes.This is where BBM Meetings excels. For example, users are usually rushing from location to location or in their car and no longer need to fumble with dial-in numbers and passcodes. Rather, BBM Meetings will automatically call them when the meeting is ready to start. The dial in number service is still there of course.

It is designed for up to 25 users and can be used on android, apple or BB 10 device and yes you can share documents. Add the secure security features of BB and the business community can enjoy an improved collaboration experience in an easy to use manner.

Couple this with the Passport screen size and the mid life manager can now see the charts without glasses.

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