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Monday, January 20, 2014

Blackberry actually did get something right! It’s called QNX

Blackberry actually did get something right! It’s called QNX
BlackBerry acquired Ottawa based company QNX, 4 years ago, to develop their new operating system BlackBerry 10 for the new smartphones. The ill-fated but still workable Blackberry Playbook runs on QNX and the latest 2.0xxx update did add some worthwhile improvements. I was thinking to add a mount and install it in my car. Perfect for Wardriving and listening to Podcasts as the 7 inch screen size would be ideal. However, QNX has experience with in car operating systems already so why not just get a QNX equipped car.
CES 2014 had many examples of how the in car experience is being improved and new technologies being applied. This is a growth area for the world that includes the internet of things.
QNX displayed a modified Mercedes CLA45 at CES that has an “infotainment” system built into the dashboard. The technology utilizes speech recognition and supports applications on the Android Jellybean operating system
The QNX technology in the Mercedes includes an app that operates on HTML5 — one of the programming languages used to create web pages — and allows drivers to control the windows, door locks and car stereo from a key fob.
The car offers a preview of what’s to come in the next five years for the automotive industry.
Manufacturers like Chrysler, Fiat and Honda already use QNX software in vehicles on the roads today, including the company’s echo and noise cancellation technology designed for hands-free smartphones.
In 2013, QNX software was shipped in 11.6 million vehicles around the world.
Google is also working on their version of an OS in the car with the promise of an Android-based system developed in partnership with Audi, General Motors, Honda, Hyundai and graphics processor Nvidia called the Open Automotive Alliance.
Together, the companies aim to make it easier for drivers to connect their Android operated phones to their car’s audio system.
QNX software is built into the diagnostics of blood analytics systems some defibrillators and X-ray machines. The U.S. military has software developed by the company running in its nuclear submarines. And in Las Vegas, security software from QNX is deep inside slot machines.

If BlackBerry chooses the path of being a software services company then QNX will play a big part in that product mix as the world of internet connected cars becomes more common place.

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