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Monday, January 13, 2014

Cutting the Cable

The term “cutting the cable” has become popular and there are many alternatives for people frustrated with traditional cable providers and their $200 cable bills.

Netflix: They offer a streaming service for $8 a month. They offer many TV shows, movies and documentary programming and you should be able to find something to watch any time. The US service has a lot more content and more recent movie titles.

TV Antenna: A digital TV antenna captures HD channels off the air for free just like in the 1970s. You will get sharp crisp HD signals from all the networks and depending on your location it can be done with an indoor antenna. Most are pointing their outdoor antennas to Buffalo to secure US content. When our Rogers service was down due to the ice storm, I was able to still able to watch TV shows using the antenna.

Smart TV: My friends new Samsung Smart LED TV plugs directly into the Internet, allowing streaming of YouTube and other services. You do not need to connect your laptop to the TV anymore.

Apple TV: Still an option for content that you cannot find on Cable

Don' forget the new XBox and Playstation consioles that have also become media centers.

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