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Monday, January 13, 2014

CES 2014 Wearable Technology Highlights

The CES show went above and beyond the watch with some interesting new products. Expect to see a lot of growth in products that link to your smart phone or tablet. Some useful and some are not.

Waterloo based Thalmic Labs has the Myo Gesture Control Armband $149. This straps onto your forearm and responds to motion and the electricity generated by your forearm and fingers. It communicates via Bluetooth. This device allows you to interact with say a television by changing channels with a flick of your hand. It is a gesture based controller.

The Smarty Ring $175 is an Indiegogo campaign that has a LED display to alert you to incoming calls, texts, emails and social media feeds

Lambda Hat $225 is a baseball cap that records data for meetings and places with its camera. It allows you to easily add geolocation information for photos and videos. The software also includes facial recognition technology.

Google Glass $1000 integrates real time viewing technology with the browser. It is still in development stage but promises to change the way we will consume the internet. Imagine watching a YouTube video on how to make risotto and making it in your kitchen at the same time.

Everpurse $199 This is a purse with a built in charging socket.

Nymi $79 is a bracelet that authenticates your identity by your heat rate pattern. This can then be used to unlock your computer or to  unlock your door or car without a key or passwords.

Sensoria Fitness Socks $149 include an anklet that calculates your steps, altitude, speed and calories being burned. It also can figure out your walking pattern and weight distributions.

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