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Monday, January 13, 2014

Consumer Electronics Show 2014 - 5 New Trends

CES Las Vegas is the launching pad for new products, ideas and technologies. Here are 4 worth watching!

1. Sony to launch a Cloud based TV service and their game streaming service PlayStation Now. The service will be preinstalled on their Brava lines of TV. Interesting as you can pay Sony directly for a movie on demand and not your local cable company or Apple.

2. Wearable Computing and Health Peripherals were out in full force.This is the next big growth segment.

3. Curved HD Television sets and 4K. looks like the 72" TV you bought on boxing day is now obsolete. 4K is promising but there is not much content yet to watch beyond your own created HD 4K videos.

4. Internet of Things. Smart homes, smart cars and smart everything. More sensors and apps to control items in your home or monitor them, dashboard enhanced cars and the fantastic Kolibree Smart Toothbrush.

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