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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Could BlackBerry be worth $19 Million?

Why not?

If WhatsApp is worth that with no revenue then BB with revenue could be to the right buyer.

I own a couple of thousand shares of BlackBerry that i bought at $45 so my comments will not affect their valuation.

What do you get for $19m?

Patents and more Patents


QNX software which is quickly gaining market share as the Internet of things moves into the automobile. Ford Motors just announced that they will install it in their new car line up replacing the problematic Microsoft SYNC. I actually preferred to rent Fords because of this great SYNC infotainment  software so if  Ford is moving to QNX then that can only mean it is so much better.


It was the reason crackberry was so popular and yeah the keyboard as well but now that it is moving to multiple platforms the app becomes much more valuable


The BES server software is still the most popular device management tool out there. With the ability to split personal from work, the BYOD trend becomes stronger. If an employee leaves then just delete their work partition and it keeps the baby photos in the personal section intact.

Mobile Payments

RIM had a mobile payment app under BBM years ago that was not too successful but could be redesigned for todays marketplace

Emerging Markets

BB has done well in those markets and is a more desirable device


Still has the highest security rating and may be NSA proof

Ok, lets offer $9 billion

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