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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Making Company LinkedIn Pages work for You

 I was asked last night by a business man who felt i had experience in social media ( I think i do based on some training) about how best to use his company page. I took a quick look at it and it was stagnant, stale ands last updated 3 years are no longer relevant. So here are some quick tips and he will take advantage of a social media student providing some assistance

Making Company LinkedIn Pages work for you 

Groups are most successful when used to build networks and engage in conversation, while LinkedIn Company Pages are where the advertising and self-promotion belongs. Launched in October 2011, Company Pages allow companies to update their status, a Facebook-like approach to social media. “Companies should be using their pages as a far more aggressive tool to create and build reputation among their networks,” said Boyd Neil

> announce corporate news and events 
> post information about products and services 
> share multimedia content, press releases, media coverage, etc. 
> list job postings 
> announce changes within the organization
> celebrate success
> a landing page from other social media networks

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