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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

How to Beat a Speeding Ticket Tips

So you just got yourself a speeding ticket and you have a fine, increased insurance premiums and possible demerit points. I have gathered some simple tips to help you beat it.

1. Take Notes

After you received your ticket, take notes relating to equipment used to catch you, weather conditions, directions, location of speed signs, street information, Officer behavior and conversation details.

Sometimes photos can be useful as well

2. Review the Ticket

Look up the violation numbers associated with the Highway Traffic Act, the fine amount and all details. Cops make errors and those errors can help you in court.

3. Hire a Paralegal

Many ex-cops now work as the ticket fighter paralegals and there are various franchises to call upon. Most offer a 15 minute free consulation to see if there is a chance to beat the ticket. Depedning on the situation spending $300 to fight a $300 ticket could make sense because if demerit points are taken then insurance premiums will go up considerably.

The paralegal if engaged will set a court date, ask for disclosure and represent you in court.

4. Take a Day off of Work for the Court Date

You can mail the plea to the local court house, or you may have to go in person to book. Once booked, change it to a later date that may prevent the police officer from appearing in court. This is a common tactic as the system will try to have the officer spend a day in court defending his stack of tickets.

No need to take time off of work if a paralegal is hired. That's is their job to represent you

5. Request Disclosure

You have a right to disclosure which will include the officers notes, equipment used, witness statements, record of speed, etc.

You will have to go through the prosecutor at the Provincial Offences office.

6. Plea Bargain

Depending on your driving history, it is possible to plea bargain for a reduced fine, a reduced demerit points or it tossed out of court (if warranted). The prosecutor will be interested in settling the matter quickly as the courts are jam packed every day.

Do not forget to treat everyone in the system with respect and be polite.


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