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Monday, February 10, 2014

Quota Quota Quota

Quota and commissions are scary words for the sales person to understand. You have to meet Quota as defined by management and you need to make commissions to pay for your BMW 735 lease and Hugo Boss suits...maybe buy food and diapers for the family.

How do you do it?


You need to know more about your products than anyone else in the company. You need to be the expert and trusted adviser. hard

Identify the Target Customers

People buy from People and from those they trust

If your solution or product cannot solve a business problem or improve revenues or other measurable target then you may need to look elsewhere

Allow the Customer to Choose on their own Time

If you Push or try to do a Hard Close on your will lose. You are not selling a used car and if you become desperate then tell your manager to give you another 30 days. No One and I mean no one needs to be pressured into buying. If that is the approach then it smells and a fish stinks after 3 days.

Remember, people buy from people and they buy from those they trust

Be honorable, Honest, Ethical and think long term

Happy Selling!

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