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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

How to Avoid having your cellphone location Tracked

If you travel to the Queen West business district, a comnpany called |Turnstyle Solutions will track you. They have sensors installed that will identify your unique MAC address (cellphone or laptop) and track your activity as you shop around the community.

Hmmm johnny was at Dark Horse and probably had a coffee, then he wandered around a couple of art galleries, a book store then was at Condom Shack for 32 minutes and then was at Trimurti Indian Cuisine for 2 hours. That sure is creepy. The Queen West BIA gets reports as to who is coming to their area.

How do you prevent this?

1. Boycott the Queen Street BIA. However, eventually every business district will begin tracking you

2. Turn off wi-fi and Bluetooth on your smartphone, tablet or laptop

3.Do not use free wi-fi or access it to log onto your social media accounts. If you are at an airport using the wi-fi you will be tracked and may be tracked to see where you land

4.Avoid smartphone apps. Angry Birds has been known to track location data and many loyalty reward cards do the same.

5. The Pebble and Samsung Gear Smart watches have Bluetooth. Shut them off.

6. Opt out from Tracking if given a choice

7. Turn off your phone and remove the battery. Bell Canada has been tracking its 7.7 million mobile subscribers for quite some time

Big Data and Analytics can crunch the data and figure you out pretty quickly if tied into your air mile card or credit card bills.

Lets see he bought wine at the Wine Rack, something at Victoria Secrets, checked into the Dollar Motel for the afternoon rate using his Visa and texted CandyGirl several times. What an odd place for a job interview or customer meeting.

If you are a criminal , please have your cellphone with you so the tracking information can place you ate the scene of the crime.

Technology can be good and bad and may impact your privacy

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